E-Cigarette Battery troubleshooting

Troubleshooting your e-cigarette battery

E-Cigarette batteries can be a bit finicky, and each battery has its own unique set of potential problems and resulting in troubleshooting techniques.  We have, however, created a list of general techniques and tips that will keep your battery running strong and long.

Basic Tips / Things to Look for troubleshooting your e-cigarette battery:

  1.  Is your battery locked?  — Most e-cigarette batteries have a lock and unlock feature.  These include the small batteries like the e-smart and CV spinners, as well as many of the larger box mod batteries.  Typically, batteries are locked and unlocked by clicking the power button 5-7 times very quickly.  The battery light should flash several times (or in the case of big box mods, the screen may say locked/unlocked or something similar) and then the battery will work.  This is the most common troubleshooting fix for your e-cigarette battery.  It is simply locked and needs to be unlocked.DSC_1056
  2. Is your battery being properly charged?  Most of the smaller batteries use a cable that connects to a USB port.  With all of our USB chargers, when they ‘on’ and working, their light should be green.  When you attach a battery, the light should turn red.  If the light is either not coming on at all, or not turning red when you attach your battery, there is an issue.
    1. Battery light not turning on at all — This is likely either a defective charger or a USB power supply that is not working.  Try plugging your charger into a different USB port, or replacing your charger.  Chargers are generally cheaper to replace than batteries.
    2. If the charger light is green but does not turn red — This is generally a connection problem between your charger and your battery.  In this instance, try cleaning the threads of both your charger and your battery.  Using a Q-tip or paper towel and/or some rubbing alcohol or vodka will work to clean the threads of your charger and battery and improve the connection.
  3. Is the tank on your battery working?  If your battery light/screen is coming on, but you are not getting any vape, it is likely that your tank (or coil in your tank) is not working or not connected.  Ensure that your coil is securely attached to your tank, and your tank is securely attached to your battery.  If your battery threads or tank threads are dirty, clean them with a paper towel, q-tip, and some rubbing alcohol or vodka.  You can also replace your tank with another one to determine if it is the tank that is causing the issue.
  4. Is the inside battery faulty/in wrong?  NOTE: This will only apply for big box style batteries with removable 18650 batteries — If your internal battery is faulty, or put in backward, your e-cigarette will not fire.  Try opening up your battery case and verifying your battery is set the right way.  You can also test your battery voltage, and ensure it is charging and working correctly.  It is a good idea to have an external battery charger handy to charge and test your batteries.DSC_6739
  5. Is the pin inside of your connection pushed down?  NOTE:  This is a bit of a ‘last resort’ and ‘hail mary’ troubleshooting tip, and should be attempted only when other methods fail.  With repetitive use and/or over-tightening of your tank onto your battery, the center pin (the positive terminal) of your battery may become pushed down too much.  While most modern batteries have a spring loaded pin that prevents this, sometimes the spring gets stuck.  If you look inside of the top of your battery, you will notice a small metal circle, usually made out of copper or steel.  Sometimes this center pin can get pushed down so it does not connect with your tank.  Using a thin set of needle nosed plyers or tweezers, try to gently pry up this center pin just a few millimeters.  This may help the connection of your battery to your tank in the event that your battery is working, but you are not getting any connection with your tank.

If you know of any other great tips for troubleshooting your e-cigarette battery, please contact us.  We hope that this page will improve your chances of getting your e-cigarette battery working again!


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