Are there risks with second hand smoke/vapor?

Are there risks with second hand smoke/vapor?


This is a big question surrounding e-cigarettes.  Many advertising agencies have stated electronic cigarettes are 100% safe for indoor use, and ‘smoke anywhere’ and other catch phrases like this.  The truth is, that in all studies done on electronic cigarette vapor (the simulated smoke that comes out of your mouth after inhaling an e-cigarette), it is nearly 100% safe, but there still may be some issues.

IN  a study done by Maciej L. Goniewicz, in the Department of Health Behavior at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute he states:

The study showed that e-cigarettes are a source of secondhand exposure to nicotine but not to combustion toxicants. The air concentrations of nicotine emitted by various brands of e-cigarettes ranged from 0.82 to 6.23 µg/m3. The average concentration of nicotine resulting from smoking tobacco cigarettes was 10 times higher than from e-cigarettes (31.60±6.91 vs. 3.32±2.49 µg/m3, respectively; p = .0081).

Conclusions: Using an e-cigarette in indoor environments may involuntarily expose nonusers to nicotine but not to toxic tobacco-specific combustion products. More research is needed to evaluate health consequences of secondhand exposure to nicotine, especially among vulnerable populations, including children, pregnant women, and people with cardiovascular conditions.  Citation

In this study, it appears that outside of a small percentage of nicotine (a bout 1-6 parts per million) there are no other negative scientifically documented chemicals or airborne chemicals in the mist/vapor produced by electronic cigarettes.  We all get nicotine naturally in the foods we eat, so having a tiny microscopic amount of nicotine in our body is normal.

The truth simply put is that more research must be, and is being done on this issue.  Many of the testing machines used to test tobacco cigarettes simply won’t work on e-cigarettes because the vapor produced by an e-cigarette is different then that of a tobacco cigarette.

Finally, there are many things in our household that contain many of the ingredients in an e-cigarette.  There are also many potentially harmful and abrasive items that we use on a daily basis in our homes, like hairspray, cologne, air fresheners, etc. that are all non-issues to most.  The fact that there is a vapor (if there were no exhaled vapor it would likely be a non-issue to everyone) that you can see makes people associate e-cigarettes with tobacco cigarettes, for which there is years of negative information regarding second hand smoke.  If in doubt, just vape outside, and not around people.  Or have a vaping room in your house.