Do electronic cigarettes really help you quit smoking? — Beginners Questions

Do electronic cigarettes really help you quit smoking?

Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to smoking.  In Canada, we cannot legally state that electronic cigarettes help you quit smoking.  In order to do that we must spend the millions of dollars and years of research required to scientifically prove that indeed electronic cigarettes with nicotine help people to quit smoking.

What we can do is state that our customers who have reported to us, have overwhelmingly stated that they have either reduced drastically the number of cigarettes they smoke, or in most cases stopped smoking altogether using our electronic cigarettes..

The thing to realize is that electronic cigarettes with nicotine are still addictive.  You are simply switching your addiction from cigarettes — that we all know cause a host of physical problems, cancers, breathing problems, disease, etc. — to electronic cigarettes, by which all available studies have shown to be up to 99.5% safer on your body than tobacco cigarettes.  “Fact- e-cigs are 98-99% safer than smoking cigarettes.” citation

With this being said, we have had many customers who have successfully weened themselves off of electronic cigarettes after switching to them from tobacco cigarettes, and have indeed quit smoking both real cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.  For many however, people enjoy electronic cigarettes because it allows them to continue to do something they enjoy without the known risks of smoking cigarettes.

Whether you are looking for an alternative to smoking cigarettes, or are looking to quit smoking cigarettes and eventually e-cigarettes all together, using an electronic cigarette is something you should consider if you are a current smoker.

Our starter kits come with everything smokers need to begin their journey in the e-cigarette world.  If you are a smoker or know a smoker that is looking for an alternative to cigarettes, pick one up today!