Canadian E-cigarette Laws

Canadian E-cigarette Laws

At this time in Canada, electronic cigarettes are legal to use as individuals. They are not to be imported, sold, or advertised.

Watch this Daily Planet Video interviewing Dr. Carl Phillips, a professor from the University of Alberta. He discusses the ruling of Health Canada to stop the sale of electronic cigarettes in Canada.

Here are Dr. Phillip’s stated reasons Health Canada has not approved the sale of electronic cigarettes in Canada.

  • Quality Control
  • Improper use may cause nicotine poisoning
  • May cause addiction
  • Must receive market authorization

At this time, Health Canada is simply warning consumers against the purchase and use of electronic cigarettes. Various countries have different opinions on electronic cigarettes and their sales.

Here are the current Countries that have APPROVED e cigarettes for sale: – as of October, 2010

  • Austria
  • Denmark
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand (with prescription)
  • United Kingdom
  • U.S.A – Individual states are attempting to ban e-cigarettes.

Here are the Countries that have REJECTED e cigarettes for sale: – as of October, 2010

  • Australia – Sale is illegal
  • Canada -Importing, sales and advertising only
  • Brazil – Importing, sales, and adverting only
  • Panama – Importing, sales, and advertising only
  • Singapore – illegal, even for personal consumption
  • Thailand – importing or sales only

Although it cannot be factually proven, many people who use electronic cigarettes believe that the tobacco companies and the pharmaceutical companies (that make ineffective smoking cessation products like the patch, nicotine gum, etc.) are putting a tremendous pressure on governments to impose bans on the sale and importing of electronic cigarettes. It only makes sense, as each ex-smoker turned electronic cigarette user is one less tobacco product purchaser, and won’t require the big drug company’s devices to attempt to quit smoking.

Many countries have followed the FDA’s recommendations regarding e-cigarettes, as many Countries simply follow the U.S.A., and their food and drug policies.

Please watch this address from former US congressman Malt Salmon, the president of the electronic cigarette association

Read Health Canada’s advisory regarding electronic Cigarettes

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