No Evidence of link between vaping and increased children/teens smoking.

No link between electronic cigarettes as a gateway to smoking within young people.

August 17th, 2015

In a new survey published by the journal Public health by ASH Smokefree BG, and backed by further data from 2015 wave found no evidence that young people are converting to cigarettes because of vaping or the use of an electronic cigarette.

While ‘experimenting’ with e-cigarettes among teens between 11-18 has risen from 4% in 2013 to 10% in 2015, the actual number of youth who were ‘regular electronic cigarette users’ remained at 2.4%. Furthermore, nearly all of the youth using an electronic cigarette were ex-smokers to begin with.

Adding to that, the reducing of regular tobacco cigarette smoking is at an all time low between youth 11-15 years old, down to just 3%.  This is the lowest it has ever been, and shows that the the introduction of e-cigarettes has not increased youth smoking or vaping in any way.  It has in fact reduced smoking in youth, which is excellent news!

Coming from the UK, this data is even stronger then nearly anywhere else, as the UK was one of the first countries to have e-cigarettes on the marketplace.

With the vast majority of e-cigarette vendors in Canada have been self imposing strict sales to adults only for years, the entire argument regarding our youth and vaping is not only unjustified, but completely incorrect.  We are all on board regulating vaping and vape products to only adults attempting to quit smoking.