Beginners Guide to using e-cigarettes
So you are a ‘newbie’ e-cigarette user? You just made your first purchase of an e-cigarette kit, and are looking for advice on how to use it? We have compiled a list of everything you will need to make the transition from tobacco smoking to e-smoking. Welcome to e-cigarette 101! Let the class begin.

Rule #1: Be an informed consumer

There is plenty of valuable information available on this website, and on many others about e-cigarettes. Read and research and then read some more. Don’t let your government to decide your health. You have a choice.

Rule #2: Understand Every e-smoker is different

You will have to do a bit of trial and error when you first start your e-cigarette experience. There are large and small e-cigs, different nicotine levels of e-juice, and all sorts of flavors to choose from. Many people who transition from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs assume they will prefer only tobacco flavours, but you may be surprised to find you really enjoy some funky flavours. Experiment with products and flavours of e-liquid until you find what works for you. Remember, you were paying $7+ a pack for cigarettes, so even if you go through several different personal vaporizers, and dozens of e-liquids, it will still cost much less then smoking cigarttes.

My own recommendation to first time e-smokers is to purchase a 510 starter kit. This e-cigarette is very small, about the size of a 100mm cigarette. It produces excellent flavour with lots of throat hit and vapor. Additionally to the 510 kit, you should purchase a few extra atomizers. A for e-juice, a tobacco, a fruity flavour, and a sweet flavour are all great first time purchases. You can get a feel for which type you prefer. I love RY4, which is a sweet and mellow tobacco flavour with a hint of caramel. I also recommend flue cured tobacco flavour, which among the sweetest tobacco flavours available. If you want a more dark and aggressive flavour, try American tobacco flavour.

Rule #3: Always be prepared.

The worst thing you can have happen to you is to run out of battery power or e-liquid when away from your house. Keep stocked up on all the things you will need. I had a personal experience to this problem about three months into my adventures. I had an atomizer break, and had one brand new atomizer left. When I put in my new atomizer, it didn’t’ work. I tried everything, but it was just a bum atty. I panicked, and ordered some new ones immediately, but i only lasted 1/2 a day before I had to start back on tobacco cigarettes. When my atomizers arrived a few days later, it took me several weeks to completely go back to the e-cigarette again. Always have more product then you will need, just in case you have any problem down the road.

Rule #4: Learning how to vape.

Learning how to vape is relatively easy, but it does take some time to get used to. An e-cigarette, no matter how tiny, will always be heavier then a tobacco cigarette. It will take you some time to get used to the weight difference. Your body will also need to get used to the vapor, which is different then cigarette smoke. Think of the first time you had a tobacco cigarette. The act of vaping is also a little different then smoking cigarettes. You will find that a longer, gentler pull from the e-cigarette will create a more satisfying vape then a short and aggressive pull like on a tobacco cigarette.

Rule #5: Find a network and get active.

There are many e-cigarette forums that are full of happy and helpful people. These people all started out just like you, with many questions and concerns. Feel free to post your questions on the forums, and meet people who are on the road to quitting tobacco for good!

Rule #6: Youtube rocks

Youtube is a great resource for people’s honest reviews on products, e-liquid and accessories. You will also find many testimonials from people who have been able to quit smoking cigarettes using e-cigarettes, their successes and failures. While you are there, feel free to subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

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