Leaking E-Cigarette Tank

Leaking E-Cigarette Tank issues


Your tank is leaking!  This is a frustrating situation, losing e-liquid and getting your battery and hands all e-liquidy.  Don’t despair, there are several troubleshooting tips that will help fix the majority of the problems with leaking e-cigarette tanks.

#1 misaligned threads

Most of the new generation tanks have several different pieces which come apart.  While this is fantastic for being able to clean and disassemble your tanks, it also creates more opportunities for the threading to be misaligned, and/or the various pieces of the tank to be not screwed securely together.

#2 misaligned or missing seals/gaskets

The majority of tanks use a system of gaskets to connect various metal pieces together.  During the tank’s opening and closing process, these gaskets can get moved around.  Even if the threads are miss-aligned just a little bit, it can create a space where there is metal against metal connection.  This can cause leaking pretty quickly.  It is important to check all of your seals each time you open and close your tank.  You can purchase new gaskets and coils here.

#3 Old/broken/misaligned coil

You will notice this typically if your coil is leaking right down the middle and out the bottom.  If your coil is old and flooding, it can flood right through the coil and out of the airflow holes or through the bottom of the tank’s threading.   Replace your coil, make sure that the gaskets for your coil are in place, and that your coil is properly threaded.