Direct Drip v.s. Cartridges

To direct drip or to use cartridges


First my personal opinion on the issue. When I started with my personal vaporizer, I used a cartridge. I liked it just fine, and got used to refilling the cartridges when they needed it. The few problems I did find was that a some of the e-liquid was remaining in the cartridge, and it was difficult to get it completely full. Have a look at a few Cartridge mods to see some ways to improve this. The second problem I had was flooding the atomizer and getting e-liquid in my mouth (not a pleasant experience). Getting the right amount of liquid in the cartridge is a trial-and-error type thing.

I decided to give direct dripping a try a few months in. I noticed the increase flavour and throat hit immediately. I also found it to be a more consistent vape. Personally, I don’t mind having to drop liquid every few minutes into my e-cigarette. I have gotten really good at it, and almost never miss the atty. Direct dripping or cartridge use is a personal preference to be sure, but here are some advantages and disadvantages of both:

Advantages of Direct Dripping:

  • Stronger throat hit
  • Stronger vapor production
  • More consistent flavour and hit
  • Not as much burnt taste when atomizer is dried out

Disadvantages of direct dripping:

  • Must refill much more often
  • Can get messy if you are not coordinated
  • Can flood atomizer and/or get excess e-liquid from bottom of atty if drip too much e-liquid
  • Must always bring e-liquid with you

Advantages of Using a cartridge:

  • Don’t have to refill e-cigarette as often
  • Can go out with a few pre-filled carts instead of liquid
  • Overall easier to do

Disadvantages of using a cartridge:

  • More chance of inconsistent hit
  • As cartridge dries will get burnt taste
  • Less throat hit and vapor production

My suggestion is to try both direct dripping and cartridge use out yourself before deciding which you prefer. Here are a couple videos, one with a direct dripper, and one with a cartridge user. The choice is yours to vape 🙂

Direct Dripping Video Thanks to DoctorVapor with this quick demonstration on how to direct drip.

Filling a cartridge – Using a syringe – ritalee76 uses a simply syringe to refill all of her cartridges. She really as things organized for two week’s worth of vaping!

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